strum your team to a different tune

Together, we shall embark on a transformative journey, ready to conquer all the corporate landscape and life challenges. Are you ready, dear leaders, to seize your destined greatness and embrace the thrill of unyielding badassery? Let’s do this!



If you’re in the corporate space, Professional Coaching might be up your alley if you’re in the corporate space. This can look a few different ways:

1:1 COACHING key leaders and anyone craving to unlock their untapped power! It’s time to embrace the truth: you are a certified badass entrusted with the noble duty of making this world better. No more apologies, no more hiding behind self-doubt or seeking constant validation. It’s time to shed that people-pleasing cloak and reveal the audacious and authentic leader within you. In a one-on-one coaching space, we’ll strip away the layers holding you back and unleash your true potential. Are you ready to spotlight your badassery? 

TEAM-BASED COACHING It’s genuinely a team-building experience. I can send you a proposal that offers customized topics to suit your business’s needs; if needed, I will cultivate a team of 2-3 coaches to facilitate the process further. We can dive into subjects such as how to do relationship work to create a healthier corporate environment, cultivating authentic leadership and staying in that space, and building team relations.

Both services allow me to bring another mind, eye, and ear to the table. It’s essential to have a different perspective, especially an outside one in the leadership space. 



Bold leaders, it’s time to unite and embark on a transformative journey towards personal and collective growth. Together, we will transcend boundaries, conquer challenges, and impact the world. Group Coaching gives you the same benefits as One-on-One Coaching but in a group setting. The beauty of diving into coaching with others is having that shared experience.

Sign up for group coaching to learn to boldly step into your power with like-minded achievers. It’s two 90-minute monthly sessions. Please connect with me today for a discovery call.


If you are done doubting yourself, feeling like a fraud, saying yes to so many things you are not aligned with…

This is your calling to change it now; you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t ready!